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Symbolic Ceremonies

Symbolic Ceremonies are meaningful and touching ceremonies without the legal side. As a symbolic ceremony is not legally binding, there are no official paperwork issues to deal with and your ceremony can take place anywhere. Picturesque chapels, hotel/restaurant terraces with breathtaking views and amazing beaches can host your romantic ceremony, leaving you and your guests with the best memories ever. The ceremony itself is very personal and unique and you can choose the style and format you prefer and of course you can select your own vows, poems and music. The symbolic ceremony can be as formal or casual as you wish. Last but not least! Like in a legal marriage, you will receive an informal Special Marriage Certificate that may not be legally binding, but it will be the best souvenir for both of you.

Amongst the symbolic ceremonies that you can have on the most romantic island of Greece, Zakynthos are:

1. Vows Renewal Ceremony: Renewing your wedding vows is statement of continuing devotion and love. Often these ceremonies are associated with a special wedding anniversary such as a tenth, twentieth etc, but the ceremony is just as appropriate for couples at any stage of marriage. We cannot imagine a more beautiful scene than Zakynthos Island where children and maybe also grandchildren watching their parents joining hands and hearts as they affirm their enduring love? The occasion is sealed with a memento, a unique and beautiful Certificate of Commitment to record your vows which we happily witness.

2. Symbolic Weddings: Did you like that much your wedding day that you would like to live it again? Or was, on the contrary, your wedding day not the way you have always dreamt off - due to anxiety or limited budget? You would love to get married on Zakynthos, but you want to avoid filling in documents for a civil or religious ceremony or don't have enough time to do so - as in a last minute wedding? Then Symbolic wedding ceremonies - also called commitment ceremonies - were made for you! If this is your case, one bright idea is to get married civilly in your home country after/prior to visiting Greece and enjoy the romantic symbolic ceremony in Zakynthos without having to worry about legalities and the cost they entail. In any case, if you choose this scenario, none of your guests will ever understand that your wedding is symbolic as a commitment ceremony is of no less importance and glamour than an official civil or religious wedding.

3. New wedding rings or Engagement rings blessings Rings are a lasting symbol of the vows and commitment you pledge to each other. They tell the outside world that you are committed to each other. Consider making up your own ring blessing. Just like you personalize your wedding vows, you can personalize the ring blessing. Talk about the how the ring symbolizes your commitment to each other.

4. Wedding Proposals: Commitment ceremonies are created for couples who wish to make a special pledge to each other and want to publicly declare their vows in front of family and friends. This is a public proclamation of the feelings shared by two people who love each other and a unique opportunity to have a meaningful ceremony with family and friends.

5. Same sex blessings: Although same sex weddings are not currently legal in Greece, we can organize a same sex blessing. We can arrange a standard ceremony in Greek/English with the exchanging of rings/vows or you can even compose your own ceremony. You can include poems and songs that have a special meaning to you both. Locations for same sex blessings include beach front restaurants, verandas and gardens in Zante.

Get in touch with our wedding coordinator, choose the date, the venue and the details, and we will guide you through the process and make a real difference to your anniversary holiday!


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